The Sufferfest ERG Spreadsheet has been updated to include support for Violator and ISLAGIATT. If you don’t have the videos yet, you can purchase them at

I’m not convinced that using an ERG file with Violator is the best idea.  It will work with a Computrainer but the sprint segments are very short and there is a small amount of lag as the resistance changes.  The workout might be a more realistic sprint workout in “Slope” mode, varying cadence, slope and gearing instead of resistance.  I plan on playing around with the slope percentage and switch from the large to the small chainring between the sprint and recovery sections.  I want to be able to generate as much power as possible for the length of the sprint segment and not have the resistance ease up to artificially keep me at a calculated 10/10. But, the ERG file is ready if you want to go that way.

I have to say, recording the timing for 64 sprints in Violator was more than a bit tedious.

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