Back in 2011, I sat down to see if I could come up with a way to automate the creation of an ERG file to use with the Racermate software and my CompuTrainer that would synchronize with the Sufferfest videos.  The ERG file format was documented, so all I had to do was come up with a model to convert Perceived Exertion to watts and record the times of all of the RPE changes in each video.  I created a spreadsheet that anyone could use, as long as they knew their Functional Threshold Power. It was never intended to be scientific.  It was just a way to use the technology I had to make sure I didn’t cheat during a Sufferfest workout.

4 1/2 years later, I am officially retiring the Sufferfest ERG Spreadsheet.  In all honesty, I never expected there to be a lot of interest but the file has been downloaded from this site over 15,000 times since I first posted it.  But, too many things have changed and I’m no longer capable of or, frankly, interested in keeping it up to date.

Once TrainerRoad added support for the CompuTrainer, I stopped using the Racermate software and spreadsheet to control my workouts.  TrainerRoad is a better experience and added hundreds of other workouts as well as syncing with other workout videos I own. Last year I made the switch from the CompuTrainer to a Wahoo Kickr.  It is quicker to set up/tear down, doesn’t tear up tires and works wirelessly with multiple devices.  Also, as David at The Sufferfest came out with more and more new videos (and updates to old ones), I had to acquire videos I would probably never use, just to keep the spreadsheet up to date.

So, since I don’t use it and really have no way to test it, I’ve stopped upgrading the spreadsheet.  Thanks to everyone who downloaded it and gave me feedback.


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