The weekend before last I rode both days and got in 164 miles.  Nothing particularly difficult and certainly not at any record breaking speeds, but for early March it was a good couple of days and it looked like my training plans to be ready for the 200K on the 29th were working out quite nicely.  A week later and we had close to 20 inches of snow on the ground by Saturday morning.  It’s March for crying out loud.  Ok, I know that the seasons have changed a bit since I was a kid and we get a milder December and January and then pay the price in March and even April.  But, as much as I understand that, it still feels wrong.  In the month that sees the official first day of spring, we shouldn’t have to deal with shoveling snow and rushing to the store to stock up on junk food and milk.  But, that’s exactly how last weekend played out.  I managed a few hours indoors, but that’s really like fat free ice cream after the long outdoor rides of the weekend before.  It’s somehow similar, but not really.

To make matters worse, I made a short trip to Raleigh, NC on Monday and Tuesday for business.  It was sunny and pleasant and altogether unlike the white death covered city I dragged myself back to Tuesday night.  So, now we pray to the weather gods and hope that spring comes rushing back and this coming weekend doesn’t include tornadoes or fast moving glaciers or poisonous snakes raining from the sky.  I have riding plans, damn it.


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