R-12 MedalLast weekend I completed one of the cycling goals I set for myself earlier this year.  Between the crash in March and the virus in June, the rest of my cycling goals had to be set aside.  But, on Columbus Day, I rode a solo 200k permanent to complete an R-12.  In the big picture, it’s not all that tough but it does require some persistence and a willingness to ride long rides, even when it’s cold outside.

I completed at least one 200k brevet or permanent per month for 12 consecutive months, starting in November 2011.  I rode in Ohio 11 of those months and did a ride in Kentucky for the 12th.  I did an extra ride in February while visiting family in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Five of the rides were solo rides and I am very sure I like riding with other people better than I like riding alone.  But, it is tough to put together a group for a long ride and keep everyone together.  Thanks to Don & Phyllis, Joe, Amanda, Scott, Roy, Mike, Ned, Dave, Larry, Ross and the other riders I shared some miles with this year. I’m not sure about committing to another R-12 until I see how the winter weather works out.  But, I’m not ruling it out.

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